A Project a Dad would be proud of!

A Project a Dad would be proud of!



Cam always visits us when he can and he stretches the legs of this old 300zx.  This was a car done by is Dad and since his passing the car was being neglected but Cam took it upon himself to get the motor up to date and all of the suspension.



Cam also redid the suspension and added some Tein Coilovers along with some Paint Correction to bring the shine back to this old beauty.  The 5 Zigen wheels were on there when his dad started building his dream car.  With all the work Cam put in it this beauty is ready to walk the runways again and strut her stuff.



Not only did cam work on his dads car but he also took his dads old business of making stickers at all the islander festivals and he redid the headlights and tail lights to how his dad had it before but refreshed since its been so long the vinyl started to show its age.

Cam has always been part of the AF Family and We appreciate all his support.

Thanks for everything Cam and I know that your Dad is up there smiling down at you and proud of who you have become as a person!