Nothing Mello about this Yellow Accord

Nothing Mello about this Yellow Accord



Lets take a look into George's Build.  George has been a awesome person and so supportive of our shop. 

His 2018 Honda Accord has been through 3 colors! The original color was the factory white, Then got a new look with a color shifting Chameleon Blue and purple, Then last but not the last is this nice yellow wrap that him and his friend did themselves.  It came out dope.

Check out his build on Instagram: @jorgekocaine


Even on this gloomy day the color pops and we love how its coming along.

We didn't slam the car but he does has Airlift Performance 3P and struts equipped on his build.


We love all the improvements done to his car and that he builds it for himself and does thing the way he wants it and not for social media. 

Not everyone will like your build but in the end who cares as long as you like.


We added a little touch to his trunk set up and he loves it.  We have more stages to his trunk and more will come.

George, Like alot of us grew up in the 90s and 2000s and we all loved our audio.  He has done alot to the outside and hes been focused on his trunk and how to make it more and more to his liking! 

We cant wait to start the next phases and Thank You George for all your support!